Cupping therapy, also called Kyukaku or Bakkan or Hijama, is a Chinese folk remedy that has thousands of years of history. Even today, the therapy is sometimes given at home. Special suction cups are stuck on the patient’s skin and left there for ten minutes or so, depending on the patient’s condition. This will bring up oketsu, dirty blood with waste, to near the skin, stimulating the circulation of the blood and improving the patient’s metabolism. Simply applying cupping therapy to the shoulders and other places where you feel stiff is effective and refreshing. At my clinic, I apply the therapy on meridians, which are acupuncture channels based on Oriental medicine. I apply the most appropriate strength and amount depending on patient symptoms and complaints. You may get dark red bruises. They will disappear in approximately one week. Please let me know if such bruises are undesirable. I will also ask before each treatment.   I may not give you the cupping therapy depending on your physical and skin conditions. In such a case, I will explain why. Cups are sterilized after each use.

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