Treatment flow

Fill in the Questionnaire Card
Please fill in the Questionnaire Card, which will be the basis for another interview later and examinations. Brief information, however, is sufficient, since I will ask you for more information during the next interview.

I will ask you about your physical condition and concerns. I will also ask you about your past illnesses and injuries, since they may be causing your current condition.

Examination items depend on your condition. The following items are commonly examined:

Blood pressure and pulse
Range of joint movement, bone structure, muscles and physical balance

Oriental medicine examinations
The Oriental medicine called shishin (four examinations) diagnoses diseases by examining the tongue, skin color, pulse and other such items.

Basically speaking, treatment starts with the following posture:

Lying with your face up for acupuncture and moxibustion treatments
Lying with your face down for massage, acupressure and manipulative treatments

Before starting treatment, I will ask you if there is any posture that is painful or uncomfortable for you, so that you can receive treatment feeling relaxed and comfortable.


Patients often feel that they want to go to the bathroom during treatment. If so, please do not hesitate to tell me to stop for a bathroom break.
The clinic works hard to avoid overcrowding; you will not see other patients when you go to the bathroom.

I will also advise you concerning what you should be careful about in your life.
If more treatment is required, we will discuss and make a treatment plan.

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